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Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling organizes victim perpetrator mediations in the Netherlands. For what reason? Read more about our procedures and our organization.

Victim Perpetrator Mediation

Victim perpetrator mediation is a form of contact between victim and offender that gives them the opportunity to look at the crime from a different perspective. By learning about the circumstances, motives, questions and answers related to the crime the victim and perpetrator may relate differently to each other. This can help them in dealing with the consequences of the crime.

Does this suit me?

A victim perpetrator mediation is meant for anyone who has committed a crime and those who were made a victim. In the case of an accident, the victim and the offender can meet each other in a so called victim offender mediation. In a mediation victims can ask questions about the crime or confront the perpetrator with the consequences. The perpetrator can show remorse and answer questions to help the victim understand what happend. Our mediations are not time-resticted. Victim perpetrator mediation can take place before, during or after the trial and up to 10 or more years after the date of conviction.


A mediation between victim and perpetrator follows a set procedure that has proven to be successful. A mediation always occurs under the guidance of a professional mediator who works for Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling. This intermediary is impartial and will consult with both victim and perpetrator about their needs and the best way to get in contact with each other. Victim and perpetrator always participate fully voluntarily and the mediation is confidential. 

There are several ways for victims and perpetrators to get in contact:

  • the actual victim perpetrator meeting is a one on one conversation between the victim and the perpetrator under accompaniment of a mediator
  • another form is a conference, in which case also the social network (for example family, friends or social worker) of both victim and perpetrator is present during the mediation
  • exchange of messages, where the mediator transmits oral messages -or written correspondence - between victim and perpetrator back and forth.

The mediator will discuss the desired form of contact with the parties concerned. Registration can be done by filling in the form on this website. Applicants can also contact our office, phonenumber (0031)030 - 2340045 or send an email.


Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling also organizes courses for perpetrators and professionals that work with them. These courses aime to increase the empathy and responsibility of perpetrators and to give professionals the tools to talk with offenders about guilt and victims and to stimulate them in taking responsibility. For more information, please contact our office in Utrecht, phonenumber (0031)030 - 2340045 or send an email.